Autumn Look Book 2016!

Today, I'm doing a bit of a different post to normal; I've never done a look book before but I thought I would try it as I actually love fashion. I'll try my best to tell you were my clothes are from, however most of them are second-hand or old. I hope you like it and maybe gives you some inspiration. I apologize for the bad quality of the photos but I had to use my phone's front camera to take them. 


This outfit is both smart and casual, great to wear on an autumn walk!

Jacket: M and Co
Skirt: Handmade
Shoes: Hotter


My second outfit is classic girly but stylish.

Jacket: M and Co (very old though)
Skater Dress: Peacocks
Shoes: Hotter (I don't own many shoes)


This outfit is super cosy and cute, the cropped jumper goes really well with this type of skirt!

Jumper: My sister's (shh)
Skirt: Beneton (again, very old.)
Shoes; same as before


I love this dress because it can be paired with pretty much any simple top, it also looks great with a shirt. 
In this photo I'm wearing it with a cream lace t-shirt.

Jacket: M and Co
Dress: M and Co
Top: Forever 21
Shoes: Same as previous


This is probably my favourite outfit just because it is simple and can be worn with any sweatshirt or trousers. The scarf is my favourite accessory and keeps me warm.

Bomber Jacket: Second-hand - you can find them in pretty much every clothing shop though.
Jeans: M and Co (yes, I shop a lot there!)
Scarf: New Look.
Shoes: Cath Kidson


Thank you so much for reading!
Let me know what you think.

Abby x

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