5 Day Breakfast Challenge.

Hello everyone! I'm finally back with another post! I hope you enjoy...
I recently realized that I don't eat enough for breakfast which means I have less concentration later on in the day when I am doing my schoolwork. 
So I came up with this little challenge for myself to eat something different and (kind of) more exciting each day for a week (well, a school week).
Here are my results. Feel free to try some of these simple but filling ideas for yourself.


What I made: Fried egg on toast.

I ate some cereal at first and then made fried egg on toast which was a very nice change.
It definitely made me feel better later on.


What I ate: Pain au chocolat (chocolate pastry)

For the second day I only had a choc au pain for breakfast which I don't think was enough to eat and I didn't actually make it, so Tuesday was kind of a fail.
So blurry I know but it was the only picture I got 


What I made: Fried egg, potatoes and tomatoes.

We had leftover potatoes from dinner so I used them up by frying them with tomatoes and an egg. It was really good, although I did have a fried egg on Monday so it wasn't exactly different. 


What I ate: Lemon curd yogurt with a cereal bar and dried apricots. 

For this idea, I crushed a peach and apricot cereal bar into some yogurt and added chopped, dried apricots. 
It was surprisingly filling! 


What I ate: Pancakes.

For the last day I ate Pancakes with maple syrup and butter; they did take longer than the other breakfasts I had throughout the week but it was worth it because they tasted good.


I hope you enjoyed this post.

Thank you so much for reading!

Abby x

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