Hello! I can't believe how late I am with this post!
Anyway, here it is... hope you enjoy!

I went for a day out to Whitby back at the beginning of August with my sisters!

the first thing we did was have some fish and chips (just chips for me because I'm a vegetarian, don't know if you knew that? if you didn't then you have learnt something else about me!)
They were pretty good, so I took a tumblr photo for ya'll to see.

 After that we have a little walk about and I took some nice photos because I like to do that if you haven't noticed before. I always take way too many as well and now my camera roll is clogged up.

We just happened to see a seagull on a beach hut roof, an ideal picture opportunity. Not gonna lie, I was scared that it was going to come after me because it was giving strange looks. But I managed to get a good picture so...
Can you see the ship?

I love beach huts, in fact when I was younger I used to dream of owning one and making it into a home, I don't think I realized how small they actually were. I still love them now for their pretty colours though.

After all that walking, I got an ice cream, a three-flavoured ice cream in fact (blue raspberyy, candyfloss and chocolate! It was so tasty and pretty colourful too, I didn't manage to get a particularly good picture of it because whilst I was taking it I had failed to notice that it was gradually slipping off the cone and had to save it #typicalAbby.

Then, sadly it was time for home. I got this picture of the abbey on the way back.

Thank you so much for reading this post.
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See you next time!

Abby x

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