Holiday in the Dales Day #2

Hello everyone! Sorry I'm so terribly late with this post, I've been busy doing exciting things which will be up on here soon!

I hope you enjoyed the post about my first day in the dales, if you haven't yet read it you can check it out right here: Holiday in the Dales Day #1

Our second day was definatly our busiest! First of all we went to see the ford which is used in James Herriot the TV show.
 It was really cool to see it because I've watched that show since I was little! We ate lunch there and then went to a place called Muker and I got a Hot Chocolate because I wasn't feeling well but it sure made my sore throat a whole lot better!

I must admit it was a pretty good one!

 One of the shops there sold sheep's wool to spin yourself outside in these cute wicker baskets, which I though was super cool!

After that we went for a walk through some fields. It had a proer paved path all the walk through which was unusual, I though that I had taken a photograph of it but when I looked there isn't one

 The views are so gorgeous in the Dales!
I actually really love sheep so I took so many pictures of them, okay so I counted and I took like 16, but still...

This one was defiantly my favourite out of the whole holiday!
 At the end of our walk we came to another river, it was quite different to anything I'd seen before. The river was really pretty but when I say pictures don't do the dales justice I mean it, It is really lovely and I'm sad that I haven't been able to capture this in my photos.

We had to go on this narrow bridge to get to the other side, it made some creaky noises and moved a bit when we were walking on it, so that worried me slightly.

Tumblr photography of me 
I managed to capture a splash of a rock hitting the water!
Next we got to see the house used in the James Herriot TV show, it is now a B&B.
 That was the end of our travelling about for the day so we went back to the hostel and had a Chinese take-away! Instead of sleeping in the hostel though we were in a camping pod. The pictures I got are quite bad but it was dark and the lighting wasn't very good.

I was quite excited to stay in the pod but I must say I was slightly disappointed it was quite damp and cold so we had to have the heater on.
It was a good experience though!

The view from the pod
Thanks so much for reading!
Every view helps me reached my goal!

See you next time,

Abby x

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