Holiday in the Dales Day #1

Hello! I'm back with another post!🙆
Last week I went to the Yorkshire Dales for a little holiday with my family, the first place we stopped when we got there was Leyburn and then we went to LowRow where we got to see bales of hay been wrapped by a tractor in a close-by field, it was actually really satisfying to watch and I will try to get a video up on Instagram (for some reason I can't get videos to work on here?) so you all can see it as well!
The bales been wrapped!🚜 (so blurry I know🙄)
We walked down to a river and had a little walk, the weather was lovely (although I did forget my hoodie so I got slightly chilly)
The gap we had to squeeze through!
The views were truly stunning and I'm glad that I got to see and capture it. It is one of my favourite things to find new, pretty places to explore and this was defiantly one of them!
This one's a little dark

After exploring that side of the river we strolled across the road to the other side, which had more dramatic scenery; a pretty waterfall flowing over the rocks. Sadly, my phone's camera didn't fully capture it's beauty.

After the lovely gallivants of the day we finished at the Youth Hostel in Grinton where we were staying for the evening.

Thank you so much for reading!

Abby x

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