Beach Trip to Bridlington.

It's time for...... #abbysamazingweekends
This one isn't very exciting but still rather enjoyable. 😊
I started the day by going to the beach at Bridlington with church, it took us a crazy long time to find a parking space but we eventually did and headed down to the shore. πŸ–

By the time I got there most of my friends were already in the sea and when I went down to join them they were coming out (typical...), I managed to go in later though and to my pleasant surprise it wasn't that chilly, although I think that I got used to the cold after a while, I'm not sure which.We stayed for a good few hours and at the end there was a BBQ.🌊

My Mum took me to get an ice cream after that but it was such a long walk back I had practically finished it before we reached the beach again, we packed up shortly after that as everyone else started drifting away (not literally of course, they didn't get swept away by the tide!πŸ™„πŸ˜‚)🍦

Sandy toesπŸ‘£
Beach huts

To make sure the day didn't end too quickly we went on a little adventure to the old town in Bridlington which was used for filming the recent 'Dad's Army' film, at first it looked pretty but not extremley exciting, as we got further down I was pleasantly surprised because the shops were decorated with war-time decor. Tape was stuck across most of the windows and some even had displays of posters and antiques. It had a nice atmosphere and to round it off we got some nice chips from a fish and chip shop just down the road.🍟

Thanks for reading!

Abby x 

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