Weekend Away on the Railways.

Last weekend I went away on a very exciting adventure with Girl Guides to achieve my Baden-Powell award, which is the highest award in Guides. We went to work on the NYMR to work on the steam trains and railway. It was a truly wonderful experience and I enjoyed every single second. I went on Friday evening and came home late on Sunday afternoon. Here is a little diary of what we did:
Friday, 15th April ~ arrived at the Guiding house to a lovely reception of other Guides.who were sewing badges on to neckers for the weekend so I joined them, after that we had some dinner which was a perfect opportunity to get to know some of the people. Then it was more time to sew which was followed by bed.

Saturday, 16th April ~ I didn't get a lot of sleep but I wasn't too tired so it didn't matter. We had to be at breakfast for 8:00am and after that we packed a small bag with lunch and old clothes and set off to the railway. It was a short walk there and upon arrival we were greeted by someone to show us round, then we were separated into groups and shown around to be sent off to do our jobs, my groups first job was to tidy up some fencing, brambles and carry a heavy wheelbarrow up a steep hill which was filled with ash. It was quite tiring work and it was getting quite warm especially as we were wearing coats, an overall and a hi-vis vest, it was actually quite fun though! After that hard work we got a break for lunch and then it was back to it, this time we actually got to clean the train which was such a great experience and really satisfying! After all the hard work we were very mucky but it was worth it see the finished product!
Back at the house we decorated a cake like a steam train and then got free time till dinner.

Sunday, 17th April ~ I had a really good night's sleep this time. Breakfast was at the same time, we had to tidy up the rooms afterwards and then we walked to the station to get on the steam train that would take us to Whitby. It was a lovely train ride, when we got there we went into groups (that we were allowed to choose) and walked round the town for about an hour then got on the steam train back, walked to the house to finish and got picked up.

My group on the tour. I'm second from the right. (picture by @beechog on Twitter)

I saw this Telephone box on the station whilst eating lunch and I thought it was pretty cool!
The steam train we took to Whitby.
Whitby #nofilter
More Whitby also #nofilter
My favourite one #withafilter
The badge that I got for completing the adventure.

I love this badge I got in the railway shop.
My certificate that I got for completing the adventure.

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