Making a flannel shirt.

I've really wanted a flannel shirt for ages now, so I decided to have a go at making one. I went looking for some fabric and managed to find some that was perfect for the shirt I wanted to make, I was very excited about getting started and making it but I regrettably hid it away somewhere and forgot all about it. My sister recently suggested that we had a sewing day which was the perfect opportunity to make a start. I'd never used a sewing pattern before because I normally just make simple items like skirts, which don't require one, and I'll admit that didn't quite realize how long pinning the pattern on the fabric actually took. By the time I had done it I was quite fed up and felt like giving up. Though once I started sewing it was great and reading the pattern was a lot easier than I thought.
I'll be keeping you updated about how my short is going and will defiantly be showing you the finished product. 

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